Gyan Enterprises is a leading and reputed supplier and exporter of Medical Diagnostic Equipment and Reagents. Backed by a core team of professionals and processed with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, our range adhere to high-quality standards right from reagent supply to the complete lab setup, catering to customers of all budgets. Being a reputed supplier and dealer of Medical Laboratory Ware & Diagnostic Equipment, etc. in the healthcare industry brings with it an added responsibility on Gyan Enterprises to deliver innovative and quality diagnostic equipment and reagents day after day using the latest in technology without compromising on quality and end-user satisfaction.


Incorporated in the year 1989, we were the pioneers in Diagnostic Industry provide end solutions to the End Users, since than we have grown at a rapid pace in the Indian market and subsequently in the trade order. One of the primary factors for our growth has been our ability to meet individual requirements, however big or small, in accordance with acceptable medical practices as set by the concerned authorities. Gyan Enterprises has been a pioneer in quality, ethics, and business standards. Our ever-growing base of clientele is an ample demonstration of this.

Why Choose Us

Gyan Enterprises is an organization that works in the most transparent way. Our valued customers often visit our facilities to see for themselves the entire packaging and transportation process from the reagents to the complete machinery. We do not promise the moon if we cannot deliver it. As a result, we have a large number of esteemed and loyal customers in many parts. 



Inventory monitoring and management is complex and error-prone. With our expert inventory management, we easily implement real-time monitoring and keep ourselves updated about the stock, clients, transportation, and financial operations. 


Logistical Support

Gyan Enterprises’ skill and expertise enhance your business, providing logistic support services that keep things running smoothly and securely. We provide thoroughly curated data of our logistics partners in the locality with an extensive list of their services. 



Diagnostic Reagents have specific storage requirements and are rendered unusable if those requirements have been violated. Diagnostic reagents have to be stored at various temperature so as to ensure the quality if the reagents for which we have 3 types of temperature control storage systems. That is why we provide storing facility as per the requirement of specific reagents viz A Deep freezing facility for Molecular Biology reagents, a walk in cold storage room having a capacity of 14500 litres (approx.) with the dimension 8x8x8 feet. We also have a deep freezer storage facility of 180 Litres for reagents which require temperature below -20 degree Celsius. Reagents which are required to be kept in Ambient temperatures are also kept in a different storage location to ensure the safety and quality of the reagent. To ensure the integrity of reagents we take utmost care while shipping the goods to our valued customers, it is ensured that they received the goods in proper conditions and with proper temperature.


Your Satisfaction defines our Success

Shree Mahendra Chandra

Shree Mahendra Chandra

Mr. Mahendra Chandra has been appointed to distribute M/S Miles India Ltd. (later Bayer and now Siemens). He has worked a lot in this field and is well connected with all clients on a personal level. Currently 76 years old, Mr. Mahendra has vast business experience and extensive knowledge of the market. The extensive knowledge and experience of this field allows Mr. Mahendra Chandra to cater to the customers needs.

Shree Mohit K Agrawal

Shree Mohit K Agrawal

Mr. Mohit K. Agarwal, joined the company in 2010 and is working to grow the business and reach new limits. It is he who is currently working in this field under the guidance of Mr. Mahendra. After joining the group, he has digitalised the inventory, accounting, marketing, and billing processes. He has relentlessly worked to make the experience of the customers better and fulfil their needs.


Your Satisfaction defines our Success